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** Result Form will be opens from 1st – 30th September 2023 **

How to download your e-bib?

  • Download your e-bib from your email

How to record your running result?

  • By using a health GPS app to record your result during your run (i.e. Garmin Connect, Fitbit, Health, Samsung Health, Runkeeper, Strava, Endomondo, etc.).
  • By using a health fitness tracker or smart watch app to record your result during your run (i.e. Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.).
  • By taking a photo or a screenshot of your race result from other running events that you will join from 1-30 SEPTEMBER 2023. If you happened to run on a treadmill, you can also take a photo of the result once you have completed the registered distance. 

    *You can run in one go or several times until you have accumulated your registered distance. Results can be submitted single or multiple times.

How to send in your result?

  1. Click on the ‘submit result’ button.
  2. Search your entry by typing your bib number and  your ID/passport number.
  3. Click on your entry, fill in your race result time, and upload your race result picture (max. 1 MB) within 30 SEPTEMBER 2023.
  4. Your e-certificate will be send to email, once you have completed submitting your results according to your registered distance. Additional submissions or resubmissions will not be allowed after receiving your e-certificate.

*For multiple submissions, you can only fill in your race result time and upload one race result picture at a time.


  • If you have completed your registration within 15:00 h on a business day, you can start submitting your race results the next day from 10:00 h onwards until 30 SEPTEMBER 2023.